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Project Details

    Polish is my love

    Polish is my love ♥

    Date : January 2014
    Client : Polish is my love
    Categories : Web
    Technologies :
    • Bootstrap
    • HTML
    • CSS

    The Idea

    Present and promote local school of Polish language for foreigners.

    The Code

    We took some photographs of teachers and chose Twitter's Bootstrap to build responsive, single page website. Typography is based on Lobster hand written font.

    The Impact

    The website is available on any device and activates associations with typical school. People who learn Polish are usually adults, but still they have to learn rudiments. A kind of mental regression mode is quite effective in this case. The site is promoted with Google AdWords campaign and constantly attracts new students.

    They are only animals

    Web, Art
    Date : February 2012
    Client : BASTA!
    Categories : Web, Art
    Technologies :
    • HTML
    • CSS

    The Idea

    Present independent Polish documentary on relation between humans and other species.

    The Code

    We received graphics in the street art convention. It was very interesting challange to combine them as HTML template for the site. The process is described here [Polish].

    The Impact

    The Vege magazine awarded the film as the best Polish initiative promoting cruelty free diet in the year 2012 [Polish]. Official screenings were promoted by highly targeted Facebook Ads campaign. Bilingual site still attracts new visitors.

    Process Control & Management

    Date : 2002 - 2013
    Categories : Software
    Technologies :
    • Java
    • Oracle
    • PL/SQL
    • Swing
    • JDBC
    • JMS
    • Oracle AQ
    • Apache Avalon/Fortress
    • JavaMail
    • Velocity
    • SEDA
    • TIA
    • JGraph
    • java.util.concurrent

    The Idea

    When kids play with the Lego Mindstorms, they are constucting robots, but also draw diagrams which describe complete behavior of these machines. In the context of corporate processes we wanted to create Lego for business.

    We wanted to allow managers to easily describe business processes in their companies, and instantly make the diagrams live. We also wanted to provide insights into excecution.

    The Code

    We spent first months of the project on purely conceptual work: discussions, diagrams, simulations, prototypes. I was studing Wittgenstein's Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus at the moment, and the design is strongly influenced by this book: The world is everything that is the case

    The system was split into so called Engine and Designer part. The Engine is a kind of virtual machine which executes diagrams created in the Designer thanks to special notation derived from classical flowchart. The Engine is based on simulation techniques similar to Petri nets, theory of workflow systems and workflow patterns, so called staged event-driven architecture for effective concurrent processing, and functional programming.

    The Impact

    We achieved very robust workflow engine which is much easier to use than conteporary solutions based on various Business Process Management standards. Systemwide the PCM could be considerd as special actor - highly effective artificial employee.

    The PCM system was deployed in several countries, and automates different processes in insurance business. It handles even hundreds of thousands of simultanious cases, which somtimes take months to complete. It effects in milions of atomic activities such us: money transfer, execution of business procedure, awaiting for case related signal.

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    • They are people who know things, that most people don't even have sligtest idea about. Thanks to smooth cooperation and their angagement in the project, they have created everything we really needed.

      Łukasz Musiał

      Łukasz Musiał / co-author of They are only animals documentary

    Who we are?

    We are people who are not resources

    Kazik Pogoda

    Kazik Pogoda
    • software architect
    • coder
    • activist
    • philosopher
    • runner

    I work with languages. These which are designed for computers, and these which emerged during evolution of human culture. Language is my tool of connecting the both worlds - humanities and IT - people with machines. I am satisfied when my activities bring something useful to the world.




    Member of

    Monika Tichy

    Kazik Pogoda
    • writer
    • photographer
    • translator
    • affirmator
    • connector
    • motorcyclist

    I work with people. Everything I do, with anything I use (words, pictures) is aimed on recognizing and fulfilling true needs of humans and making them happy. My superpower is empathy. Organizing: I love doing it and I can do it brilliantly. Being En Route is my perfect state of being.



    Why we do what we do?

    We believe it is important to understand own motivation. We want to provide something that matters - creations and relations of high quality, which could change the world into better place and improve lives of concious creatures.

    If you have ideas which go along with this purpose please drop us a line.

    How we work?

    On our skills

    We have several years of experience in designing software. We can also develop it working on the full stack, starting from the front-end, through business logic, till deep technicalities of data storage - we prefer Google's Java stack. We can help you with deployment and promotion. We write a lot of meaningfull code, texts and we can even write poetry on specific topic.

    Here are some tags of our hard and soft skills.

    • Java
    • Linux
    • HTML
    • CSS
    • Groovy
    • Oracle
    • JPA
    • Spring
    • Hibernate
    • Grails
    • Debian
    • Ubuntu
    • Unix
    • Bash
    • XSLT
    • Apache
    • Tomcat
    • Cocoon
    • CXF
    • SOA
    • REST
    • AppEngine
    • Guice
    • Guava
    • Business Process Management
    • workflow
    • open source
    • philosophy
    • semantics
    • Semantic Web
    • insurance
    • vegan
    • ethics
    • animal rights
    • ahimsa
    • society
    • culture
    • art
    • writing
    • copywriting
    • photography

    Where we are?

    Simply on the internet, and you can easily contact us in the preffered way. We speak English and Polish.
    Our physical bodies are usually located in Berlin and Szczecin (Poland).

    Contact Us

    • Berlin, Germany
    • Szczecin, Poland
    • +48 785 927 608